Allen & Associates Consulting provides appraisals for a variety of property types including conventional multifamily properties, tax credit developments, HUD-subsidized and/or financed properties, Rural Development projects, and manufactured housing developments. Typical clients include developers, lenders, syndicators, and investors. We have even been retained to provide expert testimony in real property tax disputes.

Our appraisals include a comprehensive assessment of value for the subject property using the income, sales comparison and cost approaches to value. In a typical appraisal we come to the following conclusions with respect to the subject property: (1) Market rents by unit type, (2) Achievable rents by unit type, (3) Stabilized occupancy rates, (4) Demand by unit type, (5) Capture rates by unit type, (6) Absorption rates by unit type, (7) Highest & best use, as vacant, (8) Highest & best use, as improved, (9) Vacant land value, (10) Real property value, as is, (11) Real property value, as complete & stabilized, (12) Total investment value, as complete & stabilized (this includes the intangible value associated with any tax credits and/or below-market financing), and (13) Interest subsidy or interest reduction payment value (for HUD and RD projects).

We have experienced analysts on staff to assist you with your project. Our analysts work under the supervision of a certified MAI appraiser. Our firm is also MAP approved.